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We had some great Fort Laudedale Fishing with good friends and repeat customers Kathy and Russ from Canada. They chartered us this last week for 4 all day trips.  Now I thought they were lucky last year when they fished with us. They caught a tiger shark, a hammerhead shark, a giant 80# wahoo, 3 sailfish, mahi mahi, kingfish, and  a couple of amberjacks. This year we did just as good we tried some bottom fishing and filled the box with snappers and a 15# snowy grouper and a boxfull of black belly rose fish.  Most people have never heard of rose fish but we catch them deep dropping with an electric reel in 800-900 feet of water. Its a lot of fun and they are DELICIOUS!! We also caught a handful of mahi, a bunch of black fin tuna, a couple of skip jack tuna, a huge 300 pound nurse shark, another big grouper and a giant barracuda, oh and 2 nice wahoos that Kathy caught.  Wedid hook one sailfish but he gave us the slip. Guys thank you again for everything! Cant wait to see you again next year.

Tight Lines

Capt Mike