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Fort Lauderdale Fishing has been Red Hot this May and June. A little bit of everything has been biting the last two months.  Bottom fishing has been excellent for snapper and grouper. Trolling has been extremely productive for bonita and kings, the occassional sailfish and some mahi.  We normally troll small strip baits made from bonita with a small skirt, feather or sea witch in front of it. We will typically run three or four surface baits along with two baits fished deep on the planers. We will fish strips on the planers as well or one strip and a spoon. The surface baits will catch the mahi, bonita and occassional sail while the planer takes its toll on the wahoo, kings and blackfin tuna. As far as big game fish go amberjacks have been breaking peoples backs, tackle and spirits as well the last couple months. These bruisers will put you to the test.  There has still been pretty good action for sailfish especially when kite fishing. The sharks are ravenous, this has been one of the best shark seasons we have seen in the last couple years. Big bloody baits on big tackle are just the ticket for these sea monsters. We will fish a big slab of bonita or king out of the kite, a mid bait down about 100-150 feet down and a bait all the way on bottom in 350 ft of water. It’s a bit of a waiting game but worth it!! We put plenty of other baits out for sails , mahi etc while we wait for the big bite, it gets interesting quick when you have a sail and a shark on at the same time or two sharks for that matter!!!!

Lets Go Fishing!!!!!

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