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The Best Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters happen when more than just the fish bite. Ive been in the fishing charter business a long time and one thing I know for certain is that communication between the captain/crew and your fishing party is essential to a great day. While many captains and crew are burned out on repetitive questions, we are not. We try to explain what we will be doing throughout the course of your fishing charter at the beginning of the trip and during its duration.  Please ask questions if youre unfamiliar with the technique, we enjoy sharing our “Local Knowledge” with you so you have a better experience on the water.  Let us know what your expectations are for your trip. Are you looking for edible fish for the table, lots of action for the kids or maybe a big trophy fish for the taxidermist.  Whatever it is we will work hard to fufill your request. Most important, relax! Happy boats catch fish! We take a true interest in our customers and enjoy our time with you.  There is nothing worse than a “stuffy” boat. Put the phone down, lol.  Its so hard these days to let go of our phones but the biggest part of your experience besides catching fish is enjoying your time on the water. The smell of the salty ocean, seeing the flying fish and other bait getting pushed by predators indicating a possible strike, the color of the water, the sound of the birds, the swirl of a fish taking your bait, the look on your child’s face when he hooks a big one, we miss it all when we’re Facebooking and checking emails,etc..SO when you put all these things together and the fish cooperate you will truly experience the best fort lauderdale fishing charter. Come fishing with us and let us show you a great time.

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Capt Mike