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In the past couple weeks we’ve truly had some of The Best Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters“.  The wahoo fishing has been excellent in December and now into the new year. Fish are averaging 20-30#’s, with a few monsters around as well pushing 80#’s.  While we catch the wahoos trolling our bigger fish are falling victem to live baits pulled from the out riggers and especially the down rigger. Light wire traces and small treble hooks lead to more bites and more fish in the box. The sailfish are here but we are still waiting on the bigger numbers.  The cold fronts have stalled out so when they get going again so will the sailfish.  With the warmer weather and winds out of the East and South East we are seeing plenty of mahi mahi, which eat everything. Trolled baits, Live baits, jigs and chunks, they like them all for lunch. Hammerhead sharks are increasing in numbers right now most fish are in the 100# class right now but the real sea monsters are on their way!!

Tight Lines-

Capt. Mike