Kite Fishing Ft. Lauderdale

Although kite fishing has been around for an extremely long time, the technique was perfected right here in South Florida during the 1950’s. It is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to present live bait to any game fish. It is a fair estimate to say that we catch at least ninety percent of all our sailfish with this method; as well as many tuna, mahi-mahi, kingfish, wahoo and other exhilarating open-ocean fish.

Why is kite fishing so popular?

It is extremely successful and works exceptionally well. Anglers catch a variety of big game fish on kites and it is also very visual. You can see the bait on the water and nine times out of ten; you will see the fish coming before it takes the bait. There is little more exciting than watching monster predators approaching. You actually find yourself holding your breath in anticipation.

How does kite fishing work?

The simpler the rig, the better; but it can seem complicated to those who have never done it before. We use one rod to fly a specialized fishing kite. We rig release clips along the kite’s line at 75ft intervals. Up to three fishing rods can be attached to a kite and we thread each rod’s line through one clip. Then we let the kite out and send the bait away from the boat. The fishing line is adjusted to keep the bait thrashing on the surface. When a fish takes one of the baits, we start reeling in the fishing line and the release clip opens. The kite stays in the air, the other baits remain on the water and you are connected to your fish.

What makes kite fishing so effective?

This technique is deadly because the bait fish is splashing on the surface of the water; making a lot of noise and acting abnormally. Predators will always target the weak, especially if they are in clear distress. It is simply the law of nature and we use it to our advantage with spectacularly successful results.

What baits do you use when kite fishing?

In order for your bait to swim erratically, live baits are necessary. Goggle eyes, small blue runners and pilchards are the best. Trolling lures can also be used with great success. Some of them are designed to swim unnaturally but we insist that live bait is best.

When is kite fishing most commonly used?

Kites are used in a number of scenarios. They allow anglers without a boat access to waters that they otherwise would not be able to get to. Likewise, anglers on bigger boats can fish in areas that boats are unable to navigate; such as coral reefs and shallow waters where many fish can be found. Then of course, many anglers use baits or lures that are trolled by kites to catch bigger fish that swim in the open water.


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