Snapper Fishing

One note with snapper, never stick your fingers in any of their mouths. While they may be smaller than other game fish we catch, do not let their size fool you. Their mouths are equipped with extremely sharp canine-looking teeth and they love to clamp down on unsuspecting fingers. I have seen more than one finger chomped by various snappers. The high pitched scream that ensues would leave you believing it was a shark attack!

What makes Snapper fishing in Fort Lauderdale so exhilarating?

There are many varieties of snapper swimming off the coast, with the Yellowtail snapper and the Mutton snapper being the most sought after. They are an abundant species and anglers catch many of them. There are two reasons why snapper are so popular here. Firstly, they make an exceptionally tasty meal and secondly, they do not require complicated equipment and techniques to catch them.

What do Snapper look like?

Snapper have oval shaped bodies and small toothy mouths. They are also very colorful and their hues fluctuate between species, with noticeable markings differentiating the type.

How big are Snapper?

This depends on which snapper you catch. Their sizes range drastically and they can be caught anywhere from 1lb to 30lbs. As they grow, they move into deeper reefs. The giant Cubera Snapper can easily exceed 100lbs.

Where do you find Snapper in Fort Lauderdale?

These fantastic fish love coral reefs, wrecks and other structures that provide protective cover and a high food source. Most species prefer shallow waters and can be found in depths ranging anywhere from 60ft to 100ft. The Vermillion snapper is a deep water fish and we catch them between 150ft and 300ft of water.

What baits are used for Snapper?

Snapper will bite on all types of baits, including lures. However, we prefer to use small live baits such as squid and mullet. Cut baits also work extremely well.

What tackle is used to catch Snapper?

Extremely sharp eyed, snappers are caught on light tackle. We use small hooks and light leaders very successfully.

What methods are used to catch Snapper?

We either drift slowly or anchor the boat when catching snappers. If we are anchored, we use plenty of chum to attract them. Some of our most productive trips are at night.

What are the regulations for Snapper fishing in Fort Lauderdale?

All reef fish require the use of de-hooking devices and there is a ten fish per person, per day limit. However, this depends on the different types of snapper and whether you are fishing in State or Federal waters. There is also a minimum size limit depending on the species.


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